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Get moving at home, work or anywhere

Kick Your Own Booty (in a good way!)

Exercise bands don’t get much more personalized than these Brightly Labs® Booty Bands. Resistance band sets, no slip resistance bands for working out, make it easy to use with most exercises for targeted muscle activation. You may have finally found one of those workout sets that actually gives you results!

"Weights" but Make it Convenient

They come in a variety of resistance levels that are perfectly adaptable to your fitness level and workout goals.

Light: Frequently used by personal trainers for those starting out on their fitness journeys.

Medium: For those with higher endurance levels seeking to strengthen muscles.

Heavy: Especially suitable if you are building muscles for weightlifting or body-building, or simply want better muscle definition in a toned physique.

Brightly Labs® Flagship Yoga Mat is not only a Bestseller but Expert-Approved to Boot

Made of natural rubber, this reversible mat feels smooth yet grippy, features five millimeters of cushioning, and holds up to regular use. In short, whether you have a powerful vinyasa class or deep Yin practice on tap, this mat will provide you with just the right amount of support.

Why our Yoga Mat is a Best Seller

Our Technology

Polyurethane (PU) is a much greener alternative to PVC, both in production and after-care. It does not require the safe highly toxic chemical plasticizer and is degradable over time.


A quality yoga mat is paramount to set you up for success in your yoga practice. Not only will it help you maintain balance and have the correct posture in a pose, it will keep your joints and muscles safe so that you can maintain your practice for years and years to come.


Polyurethane top layer helps you while sweaty practises absorbing moisture. Natural rubber base gives you more cushioning textured grip when you practise low-sweat exercises. Antimicrobial prevent more mould on mat. Warm & soapy water recommended for washing.


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