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About Us

At Brightly Labs®, we are dedicated to helping you optimize your health journey. We understand that wellness matters, and we believe that investing in your health is crucial. Wellness is a fundamental aspect of our daily lives that often gets neglected, but we take pride in being an integral part of the wellness industry. We manufacture and pioneer a range of wellness products, with a strong commitment to quality and innovation. Join us in prioritizing your wellbeing with our carefully crafted wellness solutions.

Why Brightly Labs®?

At Brightly Labs®, we're dedicated to your wellness. With our natural and organic products, certified for optimal health outcomes, we help you thrive physically and mentally. From remedies to supplements and workout products, we cater to all genders and ages, providing what you need to feel your best.

We believe wellness is about daily healthy habits for optimal health and happiness. We're passionate about providing you with the best products and expert advice. Our commitment to a better future is reflected in our use of natural ingredients.

Experience the difference now, shop our wellness products. Sign up for our newsletter for exclusive offers and wellness tips. Choose Brightly Labs® as your trusted partner for a peaceful mind and healthy body.

Who We Are

Dr. Heike Lieb-Wilson is the founder of Brightly Labs®,

a wellness brand based in the United Arab Emirates. As a German native with extensive experience in the fashion industry, Heike inherited the name of Mrs Brightly from her close friends due to her positive energy and bubbly personality. Her motto in life is to "live life to the fullest," and she dedicates her time and resources to bettering the lives of others.

As a single mother to two beautiful children, entrepreneur, public speaker, and business leader, Heike brings an innovative, creative, and selfless approach to everything she does. Her experience working for high-end fashion brands has taken her all over the globe and earned her numerous awards.

At Brightly Labs®, we aim to sprinkle some brightness into your wellness journey with our carefully curated selection of wellness products. Join us in living life to the fullest with Heike and the Brightly Labs® team.

Our Story

As Heike Lieb Wilson entered her fifties she started to notice that she was struggling with chronic pain in her joints and spine. She did not want to endure this pain long term and also didn't want others to be in the same position as her. She immediately realised that over the counter/prescribed pain relief was not sustainable long term and she didn't want to become reliant on it. She then decided to look into ways in which she can alleviate the pain more naturally so as to avoid any long term health issues.

Upon venturing into a new journey Heike quickly realised that we sometimes mistake a healthier lifestyle for just being things that we put into our body. Well being is not just about the body, it's also about the mind too. After all, a peaceful mind is a peaceful body.

This is why Brightly Labs® decided to manufacture an array of wellbeing products from Collagen, Collagen Gummies, OEKO- TEK Silk products, Cosmetics and Home Accessories as we recognise that our surroundings are equally important.

Brightly Labs® is the start of a healthier, younger and best version of you!

Our Mission

Brightly Labs® is founded on the belief that a healthy lifestyle should be affordable and accessible to everyone.

Our mission is to improve your well-being by applying the best product innovation practices in formulating a wide range of effective, safe and healthy products at fair prices.

Our Values


Passion is at the heart of our company and drives our commitment to help people live fuller and more fulfilling lives. Our products are the result of a relentless ambition to set new standards of effectiveness and affordability constantly.


Our people are our most important asset. We embrace diversity to build an inclusive environment, where each and everyone can thrive while growing personally and professionally.


We are honest, open, ethical, and fair with our colleagues, communities, partners and planet.


We are uncompromising in maintaining the best ingredients, technology and practices to ensure Brightly Labs is synonymous with quality products and services.