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Meet the Founder

Meet the Founder

Heike Wilson Journey

Mother. Entrepreneur. Business leader. Rally navigator. Global citizen. A storied career in fashion and retail has taken me across more than 20 countries; from fashion weeks through rally race circuits to parent-teacher meetings.

Guided by a mantra of living life to the fullest, I have always pushed myself harder and farther with each new endeavour, meeting challenges with confidence and enthusiasm. As a passionate endurance horse rider, I spent a significant amount of my life being active and outdoors.  

However, once I entered my fifties, everything changed. I began struggling with chronic pain in my joints, discs, and spine. This hunched my back and made it impossible to ride like I used to. My quality of life decreased significantly, but my desire to be active was stronger than ever. I went to several doctors trying to find a solution, and was always met with the same answer: I’d need surgery in order to try and fix this. 

Hard as it was, I began to resign myself to having to live with the pain, a huge shift to a lifelong mental model. I tried convincing myself that no one was immune to the ravages of time; that I had chalked up enough stories to tell and it was time to slow down.

But then, I spoke with a doctor in Germany who changed everything. He suggested that I try taking collagen supplements. I was sceptical at first – how could collagen fix disc pain or a hunched back? But I was willing to give it a try. I committed to a regimen of collagen and exercise. 

The pain melted away and has since stayed away. Today, I feel that the best decade and chapter of my life is absolutely just beginning. A surprising side-effect was that my hair became thicker and my complexion smoothed out. The transformation renewed more than just my body.

Given extra pages in my life story to fill, I decided I had to help as many others experience what I had; to live an uncompromised, pain-free, and active life. I became motivated to improve on existing collagen products to support this. 

And I’m pleased to say I succeeded. At Brightly Labs, our collagen is more bioavailable than others on the market, with 2,000 dalton-sized peptides. Even better, it tastes fantastic and is an ultra-fine powder that dissolves perfectly with no clumping. This brings better collagen to the market. I am proud of these innovations and to share my continuously-evolving legacy of living an active and full life.  

Heike Lieb-Wilson – CEO and Founder



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