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Look and feel your best!

Liquid Superfood Boosters

Look and feel your best with these liquid superfood boosters with hand picked ingredients to support and contribute to the body’s natural defenses and the immune system.

Benefits of Liquid Super Boosters

Liquid Ginseng Ginger Energy Booster

Reach new levels of energy with the Ginseng Ginger Liquid Energy. Ginseng Energy is a tasty and powerful liquid supplement with energy-boosting effects enriched with the anti-inflammatory powers of ginger.

Liquid Immune System Super Booster

Immunity can be affected by many things. The food we eat may not nourish it – vitamin C, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin D and many others are key nutrients for the immune system. We may have a lack of antioxidant-containing foods (fruit, vegetables) which otherwise nourish and help to prevent damage - Brightly Labs® created a range of different supplements to support all these areas and help you optimise your immunity.

Liquid Ultra+ Ginger Immune Booster

Effective immune system support with 125 active ingredients that are essential for many health functions. What's more is that this is vegan-friendly!


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Ginseng Ginger Energy Booster

Immune System Super Booster

Ultra+ Ginger Immune Booster